Custom QR Code Table Sign

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If you want to improve your institution, as well as to show that you follow trends and want to make the visit for customers more interactive, enjoyable for customers - just buy our wooden qr code stand
How to become the most popular institution or why you need QR menus from “Kyivworkshop”
If you need to choose a new menu and you don't know which one to take for your bar or restaurant - paper or interactive, then the choice is obvious - our new interactive QR menu. This way you will immediately stand out from all the competitors and become a modern establishment with a menu that everyone from children to the elderly can understand. It will simplify and speed up the ordering process to a minimum.  It works like this: a client sits down at his table and scans our QR code engraved sign, which is attached to the table. His device displays the restaurant menu from which he chooses what he likes and makes an order. However, that's not all the functionality that's available for our QR tablets. You can connect the ordering function, which will speed up the ordering, and allow you to reduce the number of waiters, because of the unnecessary approach to the tables. They will just serve the food after the customer's order on their device. You can also keep statistics on the dishes and immediately know what dish is in greater demand today.
There is another good way to save time for the customer. Buy two plates for each table: one for the menu and one for instant wifi

The size of our QR menus:

  • Height: 14 cm/5.5 inch
  • Width: 9 cm/3.5 inch
  • Customized size
Personalize and customize your qr code for the menu. Combine and assemble a set of our products.
You can customize any of our products to fit your establishment, from size to color palette.
The sizes listed above are standard, but you can change them. We also have a rich color palette of our menu.

You can choose from these eight colors:

  • 1 Wenge light
  • 1 Wenge dark
  • 2 Chestnut
  • 3 Pine
  • 4 Grey
  • 5 Oak
  • 6 Nut
  • 7 Blank
  • 8 Cherry
  • 9 Pink
  • 10 Blue

You can personalize your wood qr code  with us. We can engrave the name of your establishment, its logo or personalize it to your table number. This is quite an attraction for customers, emphasizing the status of your establishment. 

To complete the set you can also buy in our store:


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