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Custom QR wooden sign or how to raise the status of the restaurant

Restaurant QR menu of durable materials which will definitely raise the relevance of your restaurant, bar, or cafe and will fit into its interior

Wood QR code - to buy and improve the service or leave everything as it is?

You, as the owner or manager, probably think about improving your institution both visually and technologically.

But the main problem is choosing how to improve. There are several options for improvement: to create a website and attract people with targeted advertising, to constantly improve the number of promotions and offers on the menu, or to focus on the visual component.

After not difficult logical conclusions, you will come to the output that all these points are certainly important, but within them, there are also many costly and difficult-to-implement nuances, and therefore make the main emphasis on targeting or promotions are not necessary, but still, have to take them into account. So now we will talk a little about each of them.

Study of the target audience

This point you should do at the stage of designing and opening a business. But after the launching, you should sometimes analyze the customers who visit your establishment. What age is he, and what are his interests, concerns, and needs? What does he watch, listen to, read, and how does he prefer to relax? How can a cafe or restaurant help him solve his problems?

After researching and getting answers to all questions, you will be able to properly compose and adjust your advertising

Events and Master Classes

Each of us wants to see the work of a culinary genius or try to repeat after him and hear criticism. That's a fact.

A master class from a chef at your favorite restaurant is a great opportunity that is sure to be sought after by customers, which will increase income. There is a nuance that it will only help and be of interest to high-end establishments where the average check is quite high. They will be taught to cook "like Jamie Oliver," and it once again emphasizes the status of the institution and justifies the rather high prices. If you have a simpler café or restaurant, you could try holding a master class for the youngest guests.

When creating our Kievworkshop we focused on the visual and technological components, because a QR code menu sign does not require a big investment and will definitely help you to get better.

And now let's get down to business. A friendly doorman who kindly opens the front door, a pleasant hostess who gives you a smile and advises which table is the best to sit at that time of day, and, finally, the waiter, the face of the restaurant who will tell you in detail about the composition of each dish, advise seasonal novelties and qualitatively serve. The exterior and the interior of the institution are also important. A beautiful sign made with taste will definitely attract the attention of guests and stylish furniture, tables and VIP-room design will strengthen this idea. It's all fine, but all human beings are not machines, and everyone can make mistakes: the doorman can go for a break, the hostess has a mascara leak, and the waiter because of the enormous load at rush hour will banal brings the client not absolutely that he asked. We can't change people and make them standards, but we have the other half of success, which we are happy to share!

If you still have the question of leaving the old paper menu or upgrading to the new qr code menu, the choice is obvious. This way you will immediately stand out among all the competitors and become a modern institution with a menu understandable to everyone - from children to the elderly. It will simplify and speed up the ordering process to a minimum.  It works like this: a customer sits down at his table and scans our plate with an engraved QR-code that is attached to the table. At the display of his device a menu of the restaurant appears from which he chooses what he likes and orders. But this is not all the functionality available for our QR tablets. You can connect the order function, which will speed up the process of ordering and will also allow you to reduce the number of waiters, as there will be no need for them to come up to the tables. They will simply serve the food after the customer's order on their device. You will also be able to keep statistics on the dishes and immediately know which dish is in high demand today.

There is another good way to save the customer's time. Buy two plates for each table: one for the menu and one for instant WI-FI.

Technological features and benefits of restaurant menu covers

Our products are adaptive

You have the option of adapting our wooden cover for me according to the concept and features of your establishment, from its size to the color palette.

You also have the option to personalize our products. We can engrave the name of your brand or establishment, and its logo, and personalize it according to all requirements and parameters. This will further emphasize the status of your establishment and impress the customer

Having analyzed statistical data, we have learned that most people are visual, which is why we put such an emphasis on important, but small details. We are confident that we will improve your restaurant the way we have done it for thousands of customers all over the world.

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