Cheque presenter for restaurant and its advantages FREE Personalization

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Purchasing our eco-leather check holder for your restaurant is a great idea You'll know right away that it's not a waste, but an investment in your business.
Cheque presenter made of eco leather: does your place need it?
There are always many ideas for business development, but not all of them work, and those that are really worthwhile are usually very hard to implement or costly. You can always buy advertising - taggers, copywriters and other SMM specialists. You can rent space in the center of the city and in the most passable place. All these ways are certainly good, but not everyone has a huge budget to hire entire companies or very expensive rent. So you can always improve and raise the status of your institution also productively, but at affordable prices. You literally bet on the first and last seconds of the customer's stay in the establishment and make a very educated decision. According to statistics, the mechanism of human perception of pleasant and unpleasant events allows you to understand that the guest will form his opinion on a larger bill on arrival and after leaving the restaurant. And that's where our eco leather preservers play their role. They're practical, stylish, and will impress your customers a lot.

The size of our check holders:

Length: 18 cm 7 inch

Width: 10 cm 4 inch

It is possible to create a product to custom sizes

Personalize and customize your wooden holder. Combine and assemble a set of our products.
You can customize any of our products to fit your establishment, from size to color palette.
The sizes listed above are standard, but you can change them to fit the average size of your check. We also have a rich color palette of our wooden check holder.

You can choose from these eight colors:

  • Black
    Dark blue

You can personalize your guest check holder with us. We can engrave the name of your establishment, its logo or personalize it to your table number. This is quite an attraction for customers, emphasizing the status of your establishment. 

To complete the set you can also buy in our store:


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