Personalized Acrylic Reserved Table Sign for Events

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An acrylic reservation sign that will add charm to your restaurant and increase staff convenience. A design that is suitable for both regular and VIP lounges.
The acrylic sign  will come in handy in any restaurant, pub or bar
If your business is based on serving people and providing services, you really need a team that works quickly, smoothly, and with quality. But people are not robots or a system. They tend to make mistakes - to be late for work, sometimes not attentive enough, and maybe even lazy).
The purpose of our store is to prevent and prevent such situations at work, simplifying and partially automating the work of your staff.
This, for example, can be done by implementing our acrylic table booking plates in your restaurant.
And now let's talk about practicality. In the working process there are often situations on the type - the administrator because of fatigue, inattention or a large workload does not have time to inform the waiters about the reservation of a table.
This can lead to misunderstandings when a client comes to your restaurant and his reserved table is already occupied by other customers.
Our custom made "reserved table" signs
 will solve this problem easily, as a manager can simply walk in and place it on the table, without wasting time informing the staff. As a result, the guest will be offered any available table, and the customer will be satisfied.

Plate Size

Width 15 cm / 5.9 inch

Height 5.5 cm / 2 inches

Can be personalized for free.

Personalize and customize your acrylic reservation sign
Combine and assemble a set of our products.
You can customize any of our products to fit your establishment, from size to color palette.
The sizes listed above are standard, but you can change them. We also have a rich color palette of our menu.

You can choose from these eight colors:

  • 1 Wenge light
  • 1 Wenge dark
  • 2 Chestnut
  • 3 Pine
  • 4 Grey
  • 5 Oak
  • 6 Nut
  • 7 Blank
  • 8 Cherry
  • 9 Pink
  • 10 Blue

You can personalize your acrylic reservation sign with us. We can engrave the name of your establishment, its logo or personalize it to your table number. This is quite an attraction for customers, emphasizing the status of your establishment. 

To complete the set you can also buy in our store:


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