Premium Wooden QR Code Menu Display

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Don't know how to improve the interior of your restaurant or cafe? Qr code on wood will help you to do it, because they are much more convenient than standard menus and you will stand out among the competitors
How to make your establishment the most  interactive? Simply install our wood qr code
If you still do not know what menu you want to make for your restaurant or cafe - paper or interactive, then of course it is better to choose our QR code engraved sign. With it you are sure to be a modern and advanced institution, where the interaction between customers and waiters and administration is simplified as much as possible. It works in the following way: the client sits down at his table and scans our QR menu, which is attached to the table. On his device the restaurant menu is displayed, from which he chooses what he likes and makes an order. If you want to make visiting your place even easier and ordering faster, you can add an order function to the menu. Then you can see in real time what the customer has chosen at a particular table and can immediately start cooking. Thanks to our wood qr code you can also keep statistics on your orders, which quickly gives you an idea of which dishes are in greater demand. 
However, in addition to the menu, you can also make a wifi connection from the QR table or put both the wifi connection and the menu on the same table.


The size of our QR menus:

Height: 9 cm/3.5 inch

Width: 8 cm/3.1 inch

Personalize and customize your qr code for the menu. Combine and assemble a set of our products.
You can customize any of our products to fit your establishment, from size to color palette.
The sizes listed above are standard, but you can change them. We also have a rich color palette of our menu.

You can choose from these eight colors:

  • 1 Wenge light
  • 1 Wenge dark
  • 2 Chestnut
  • 3 Pine
  • 4 Grey
  • 5 Oak
  • 6 Nut
  • 7 Blank
  • 8 Cherry
  • 9 Pink
  • 10 Blue

You can personalize your wood qr code  with us. We can engrave the name of your establishment, its logo or personalize it to your table number. This is quite an attraction for customers, emphasizing the status of your establishment. 

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