Customized Wooden Bill Holder with Free Engraving

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Stylish wooden holders are a competent marketing strategy that will increase the growth of guests of your institution. Is the use of such products so important?
Is it worth filling your space with our guest check holder?
When you buy our products, you immediately begin to implement one of the best marketing moves, which is investing in the visual component of the restaurant.
Most people are visual - they remember faces, brands, logos, and bright signs better. Any creative director or business owner should pay special attention to this, as it is the easiest way to increase the relevance of your restaurant, cafe or pub.
The simple shape, different color options and most importantly, the product doesn't distract from other interior blocks, but it makes enough of a statement to be noticeable and intuitively prompts visitors to ask questions - from a simple sign to paying for a business lunch.
If you take this business strategy as a basis and start using our wooden check holders you definitely won't lose as they are practical, durable, and also very presentable looking. 
Wooden check holder we make from high quality wood that will serve you for a long time and if used properly you just do not fail due to the new technologies of gluing and mounting the wooden elements of the device. Thanks to the lacquering, the wooden receipt holder can also be cleaned with water, antiseptic or other household chemicals without fear of damaging the device. 

Size  wooden check holder

Length: 18 cm (7")

Width: 11 cm (4.3")

Custom size is also available to you

Personalize and customize your check holder restaurant. Combine and assemble a set of our products.
You can customize any of our products to fit your establishment, from size to color palette.
The sizes listed above are standard, but you can change them. We also have a rich color palette of our menu.

You can choose from these eight colors:

  • 1 Wenge light
  • 1 Wenge dark
  • 2 Chestnut
  • 3 Pine
  • 4 Grey
  • 5 Oak
  • 6 Nut
  • 7 Blank
  • 8 Cherry
  • 9 Pink
  • 10 Blue

You can personalize your wooden holder with us. We can engrave the name of your establishment, its logo or personalize it to your table number. This is quite an attraction for customers, emphasizing the status of your establishment. 

To complete the set you can also buy in our store:


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