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Reservation signs and how to raise the status of the place

Reserve table sign made of durable materials that will help you increase the relevance of your establishment, as well as fit the interior of the restaurant, club, or cafe

Reserved table signs  — buy and improve your cafe or leave it?

Surely you, the owner of a restaurant business, at any stage of the life of the institution, think about improving your brainchild. In conjunction with the purchase of signage reservations for the restaurant

As soon as this thought arises in your head, you immediately have several options on this topic - about optimizing the menu, overselling, or introducing special dishes. All of these strategies we want to tell you about.

Optimizing the menu

For the menu to sell itself and increase the average bill, its structure must consider the client's psychology. Refrain from overloading the menu with dishes and drinks. This suffers almost all novice restaurateurs. Do not subject customers to the unnecessary stress of having to flip through pages and choose between similarly priced items. Chances are, a customer who has experienced anxiety in your establishment will not return.

Restaurant menus

Break down the menu into sections, make it easy to understand, and encourage your guests to order with your concept in mind. Don't be afraid and feel free to peek at competitors' menus, borrowing successful ideas but not copying them thoughtlessly.

Developing a menu from scratch or adjusting an existing one, keep in mind the target audience, the format of the establishment, the direction of the cuisine, the trade margin, and the cost of each dish. Regularly analyze sales and remove from the menu dishes that do not sell and do not bring you profit.


The technique of presales is worthy of being examined in detail. To begin with, any visitor to the restaurant, crossing its threshold, is ready to voluntarily part with a certain amount of money. If the waiter is an experienced waiter, he will do it. And with pleasure will spend more.

The easiest way is to offer the client an additional item to the ordered dish. If it's chicken wings, it can't hurt to have a glass of beer. The timely sounded phrases about the drink will demonstrate the sincere care of the waiter for the visitor. The latter can even feel that this is exactly what he wanted, but he forgot to listen to his desires.

For the visitor who has finished with the main course, but stayed at the table, you can offer tea or coffee with dessert. Who knows, maybe he still has time and money to spend?

Introducing specials

The main purpose of any promotions in catering - is to increase the number of visitors and the number of orders. The results of actions are especially noticeable in a decline in sales and other critical situations, so this method is resorted to periodically.

The launch of promotions should be preceded by an analysis of the restaurant's target audience. A separate offer can be made to each category of guest. For example, at lunchtime, there will be a discount on business lunches, and regular customers will like the accumulative bonus program.

Restaurateurs most often use the following three tools to create specials:

Here & Now. Customers are invited to come in on a specific day or time, call or repost on social media, etc., to receive a discount or free dessert.

Benefit gift. When ordering a certain alcoholic beverage (a bottle of expensive wine, for example), guests receive as a "reward" exclusive compliments from the chef, such as cakes that are not on the menu.

Artificial restriction. "Summer months only", "Until the end of this week", "In honor of the birthday of our restaurant", "Every day from 10:00 to 12:30", "For companies of four or more", etc. - There can be many reasons and justifications for restricting the order of a dish.

Waiters should acquaint visitors with current promotions in the institution before the order is made. Often, restaurant customers come for one thing but are immediately tempted by another. In most cases, this applies to promotions with alcoholic beverages. The earlier they are at the table, the faster they will be drunk. And that means that by the time the meal is ready, customers will be ready to order at least one more drink.

Our products are adaptive

You have the option of adapting our reserved table signs for me according to the concept and features of your establishment, from its size to the color palette.

You also have the option to personalize our products. We can engrave the name of your brand or establishment, and its logo, and personalize it according to all requirements and parameters. This will further emphasize the status of your establishment and impress the customer

Having analyzed statistical data, we have learned that most people are visual, which is why we put such an emphasis on important, but small details. We are confident that we will improve your restaurant the way we have done it for thousands of customers all over the world.

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