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Guest check holder or how to improve the interior of your establishment

Custom restaurant check holder made of durable materials, which will surely fit into the interior of your restaurant, bar, or cafe and will increase its relevance.

Check holders - leave everything as it was or bring a fresh breath to your cafe

If you have your establishment or if you are a manager, you are probably thinking about improving your establishment both aesthetically and visually.

But there is always the question of how to improve your establishment with minimal financial outlay. There are several options for improvement: create a website and attract people with targeted advertising, constantly improve the number of promotions and offers on the menu, or emphasize the visual component.

You can, of course, try all of the above, but you will come to the conclusion that all of these points are certainly important, but within them, there are also many costly and difficult-to-implement nuances, and therefore the main emphasis on targeting or promotions is not necessary, but still, they must be considered. So let's talk briefly about each point.

Study of the target audience

 At this point, you should make it to the stage of creating the concept of the institution. But even after the opening should not forget about the analysis of his target client. What is his age, and what are his interests, concerns, and needs? What he looks like, listen to, read, and how he prefers to relax? How can a cafe or restaurant help him solve his problems?

To correctly compose targeted ads, you need to answer the above questions correctly.

Events and master classes

Each of us has ever wanted to participate in the creation of a culinary masterpiece under the guidance of a brilliant chef. This is a fact.

A master class from a chef at your favorite restaurant is a great opportunity that is sure to be sought after by customers, which will increase revenue. There is a nuance that it will only help and be of interest to high-end establishments where the average check is quite high. They will be taught to cook "like Jamie Oliver," and this once again will emphasize the status of the institution and justify the rather high prices. If you have a simpler café or restaurant, you can try holding a master class for the youngest guests.

When we created the Kievworkshop, we focused on the aesthetic and visual components, because table reservation signs do not require a big investment and will definitely help you to get better.

And now let's get closer. A friendly doorman kindly opens the front door, a pleasant hostess who gives you a smile and advises which table is better to sit at this time of day, and finally, the waiter, the face of the restaurant, who will tell you in detail about the composition of each dish, advise seasonal novelties and quality service. The exterior and interior of the place are also important. A beautiful sign made with taste will definitely attract guests' attention and stylish furniture, tables, and decoration of the VIP room will strengthen this idea. All this is fine, but all people are not machines, and everyone can make mistakes: the doorman can leave for a break, the hostess has run out of mascara, and the waiter because of the enormous load at rush hour will banal bring the client not quite what he asked. We can't change people and make them standards, but we have the other half of success, which we are happy to share!

If you're still faced with the question of leaving your establishment unchanged or still improving it visually, the choice is of course logical.

That's where our embossed check holders help. They are an indispensable part of the restaurant interior, as they are practical, comfortable, and look very stylish with their loft design and ergonomics. No unnecessary space on the table or pointless sitting on it. Only the usefulness and importance of use. The wooden check holder will literally be used all the time, whether by a waiter or restaurant guests.

But it is unlikely to be accidentally broken or ruined. The wooden check holder is made of durable lacquered wood, so it will be able to last your establishment for many years without losing either durability or visual appeal. 

Technological features and benefits of check holder box

Our products are adaptive

You have the option of adapting our check holder for me according to the concept and features of your establishment, from its size to the color palette.

You also have the option to personalize our products. We can engrave the name of your brand or establishment, and its logo, and personalize it according to all requirements and parameters. This will further emphasize the status of your establishment and impress the customer

Having analyzed statistical data, we have learned that most people are visual, which is why we put such an emphasis on important, but small details. We are confident that we will improve your restaurant the way we have done it for thousands of customers all over the world.


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